Friday, January 20, 2017

Gophers Hockey: Minnesota returns home with rare losing streak

(This article originally appeared on SB Nation College Hockey)

It took Kate Schipper until her senior season to reach a double digit number of losses in her collegiate career. Not in one year. Total.

So this experience is new for her and everyone on the two-time defending national champions.

Minnesota, four years removed from achieving the pursuit of perfection every team strives to achieve, is in a losing streak every other team faces at one point. The Gophers (16-5-2) have lost four of the last six games - matching last season’s total number of losses - dating back to an 8-2 loss at Wisconsin on December 4th.

That includes being swept in two games last weekend at Minnesota Duluth.

“I don’t think we did a ton of thing wrongs, especially Saturday. Looking back it’s more of execution,” Schipper said. “I think executing at a higher level and everyone doing a little better will help the entire team.”

Despite the losses, the Gophers remain ranked fourth. Trying keep the mood light in practice this week prior to facing Ohio State at Ridder Arena, Schipper and the rest of her Minnesota teammates have been going back to the basics. Working hard. Nothing too serious.

There’s no one reason for the losing streak. Head coach Brad Frost preached about the process, not the results. The Gophers came back to tie UMD twice both games before the Bulldogs pulled away.

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