Friday, January 13, 2017


It's hard to know where I'm writing week to week.

Even if you follow me on Twitter (@gopherstate) or follow me in real life, missing articles can be easy. I've covered University of Minnesota men's and women's hockey for a half dozen different publications this season.

This season is only halfway over.

From week to week I can be on SB Nation College Hockey, a podcast over at 1500 ESPN and Podcast One, doing game coverage for the Minneapolis Star Tribune or writing a feature for the St. Paul Pioneer Press. (That's a real thing which has happened. As of today I've covered more games this season than anyone for both Twin Cities papers.) There are also times when I have more to write than fits any of the websites or newspapers.

So I wanted a place for all my University of Minnesota coverage to be together in one place, to make it easier on you to find the coverage between links to stories and original content.

That's the point of the blog. Thanks for reading.

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