Thursday, June 29, 2017

BLOG: An Ongoing List of Gophers at NHL Development Camp (Updated)

NHL development camps have begun in full swing this week, with several more on the way throughout July.

These camps, hosted by each of the 31 NHL teams, give young players a summer opportunity to spend a week on and off the ice learning from a professional organization.

For undrafted players, being a development camp invitee gives them a chance to test themselves and make an impression when it comes time to sign free agents. Two of Minnesota's graduating seniors - Justin Kloos and Vinni Lettieri - ended up signing with NHL teams that at one time invited them to a development camp.

"I learned a lot of small details that can help improve my game as far as on the ice," Kloos told me early last season about attending the Minnesota Wild development camp on an invite. "Tipping and cycling and making plays and understanding gaps and stuff like that is always helpful from all the good guys that are former professional players over there. So really taking in every opportunity, realizing that you’re not a perfect player is a good thing when you’re fortunate enough to play at higher levels."

Draft picks meet with the team that holds their rights and come up with a game plan for the next season. (Important for the four players with Minnesota ties who were drafted this past weekend.) It's often the one time the two get to spend a significant time together. NCAA players pay their own way and are in school when NHL prospect tournaments and training camps are underway.

Below is an ongoing list of Gopher players attending NHL development camps. A few already are not attending whether due to summer classes, injury or they've already been to too many. Senior defenseman Steve Johnson is not on the Los Angeles Kings roster, nor is New York Rangers draft pick Tyler Nanne listed. Same goes for Taylor Cammarata with the Islanders.

The list will be updated when more rosters are announced (i.e. Buffalo's development camp won't be until July 7-11).

Minnesota Commits:


-Sam Huff (Minnesota)*


-Sammy Walker (Tampa Bay)
-Clayton Phillips (Pittsburgh)

Current Players


-Rem Pitlick (Nashville)
-Tommy Novak (Nashville)
-Darian Romanko (Vegas)*
-Brent Gates Jr. (Anaheim)
-Scott Reedy (San Jose)
-Leon Bristedt (Minnesota)*
-Casey Mittelstadt (Buffalo)
-Jack Ramsey (Chicago)


-Ryan Zuhlsdorf (Tampa Bay)
-Jack Glover (Winnipeg)
-Ryan Lindgren (Boston)
-Jack Sadek (Minnesota)


-Mathew Robson (Toronto)*

Gopher Alums:


-Vinni Lettieri (New York Rangers)
-Justin Kloos (Minnesota)
-Hudson Fasching (Buffalo)


-Ryan Collins (Columbus)
-Jake Bischoff (Vegas)
-Michael Brodzinski (San Jose)


Last updated 7/13 with Chicago rosters

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